Dromaeosaurus was a close relative of Deinonychus and velociraptor . Dromaeosaurus ("running lizard") is a wolf-

Artist's Restoration

sized theropod dinosaur type from the Upper Cretaceous (Upper Campanian) of Alberta, Canada. It is first and foremost known from a partial skull and other bones (foot fragments, toe claw) composed in what are now Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, as well as dozens of isolated teeth.


Dromaeosaurus differs from most other Dromaeosauridae in having a short, huge skull, a deep mandible, and huge, straight teeth. In these respects Dromaeosaurus resembles the tyrannosaurs. A few bones are known from the hind limb, they indicate that Dromaeosaurus was a fairly massive animal for its size. Accurately how it lived and what it ate are still open to speculation. The teeth show fairly heavy wear and seem to be used for devastating and tearing rather than slicing through flesh; it is possible that Dromaeosaurus was more of a scavenger than other small theropods.

The relationships of Dromaeosaurus are indistinct. Although its rugged build gives it a primitive appearance, it is actually a very particular animal. It is usually given its own subfamily, the Dromaeosaurinae; this group is consideration to include Utahraptor, Achillobator, Adasaurus and perhaps Deinonychus. However, the relationships of dromaeosaurs are still in a state of flux.

The type species is D. albertensis. The other species, lacking in material, may well be synonymous with it.

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