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Human Inhabitants

The Human Race

Native Fauna (Creatures)

Most Creatures


Between Venus and Mars

Film Location


Earth is a large planet between Venus and Mars . It is home to all and most creatures in Ray Harryhausen 's films .

History of the EarthEdit

Paleozoic EraEdit

Hadean EonEdit

(4567 to 3800 mya)

- 4567 mya: Creation of the Solar System Sun was only 70% as bright as today. - 4500 mya: Creation of the Earth. - 4450 mya: The Moon is created from fragments of a collision between the Earth and some planet ;

Archaean EonEdit

(3800 to 2500 mya)

- 3800 mya: The Earth is Made of lava

Proterozoic EonEdit

(2500 to 542 mya)

- Complex single-celled life appeared.

Cambrian PeriodEdit

(542 to 488.3 mya)

The Undersea Terror of the Ammonite

- First Animals with many cells Ordovician Period (488.3 to 443.7 mya)

- Ammonites Evolve

Silurian PeriodEdit

(443.7 to 416 mya)

- Scorpions appear on land

Devonian PeriodEdit

(416 to 359.2 mya)

- First giant amphibians appear

Carboniferous PeriodEdit

Giant scorpion

Giant Scorpions

(359.2 to 299 mya)

- First winged insects. - Animals laying ammonite eggs appear (318 mya)

- 310 mya: First reptiles

Permian PeriodEdit

(299 to 251 mya)

- Earth is cold and dry - Sail-backed iguana like Dimetrodon appeared

Mesozoic Era Edit

Jurassic Period Edit

- First [[Phorusrhacos|birds



- Stegosaurus

- Brontosaurus

- Allosaurus 

Cretaceous PeriodEdit

(145.5 to 65.5 mya)

- 68 mya: Tyrannosaurus Rex thrived

- Mass extinction of dinosaurs.

Cenozoic Era Edit

(65.5 mya to today)

- Saber Toothed Tiger



- Trog

- 5,500 yrs ago: Caveman

- 4,500 yrs ago: Ancient Egypt

- 3,300 yrs ago: Ancient India  - 2,230 yrs ago: Jason and the Argonauts steel the golden fleece - 550 yrs ago: Sinbad sails the seven seas - 90 yrs ago: Space travel to the Moon Humans walk on the surface of the moon

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