General information
Type Allosaurus
Status Deceased
Group Theropod
Appearances The Valley of Gwangi
Diet Carnivorous
Chronological information
First appearance The Valley of Gwangi = File:Carloscowboy.ogg
Last appearance

Gwangi is the main antagonist in the 1969 classic, The Valley of Gwangi. He is a male Allosaurus.

Gwangi was the apex predator, or top pretator in his area, similar to the tyranosaurs that lived in Hell Creek, Montana durring the Late Cretaceous. Gwangi defeated any dinosaur in his path, which means he wasn't too scared when he encountered humans. After captured, and set free, Gwangi continued his agressive behavior, and starts fights with the other circus animals (Elephant). Eventually Gwangi dies in a fire and faced a horrible death under the falling rubble of the church he was led into.


  • Harryhausen originally intended for Gwangi to be an Allosaurus, but based the design on a Tyrannosaurus. 
  • Gwangi's apparent color changes several times over the course of the movie because there was so much animation to do that Harryhausen did not have enough time to do proper color testing.
  • Gwangi is a native American word that means lizard.


Gwangi vs

Gwangi vs. Styracosaurus