Harpies, meaning Snatchers, were Ancient Greek winged demons that plaqued people as a curse. Harpies

Harpy 01
A Harpy








Ancient Greece Harpy Temple


Jason and the Argonauts


A destructive demons loyal to the Greek Gods



were sent to people to blind Phileas . Phileas was tormented by two harpies sent by Zeus, for abusing his power of prophesy. Jason and his Argonauts arrive to talk to Phileas, who will only help if they stop the harpies from stealing his food. Harpies in Greek Mythology were the sisters of the winged Iris, the female messenger of the gods. Phineus, a king of Thrace, had the gift of prophecy. Zeus, angry that Phineas revealed too much, punished him by blinding him and putting him on an island with a buffet of food which he could never eat. The harpies always arrived and stole the food out of his hands before he could satisfy his hunger, and befouled the remains of his food. This continued until the arrival of Jason and the Argonauts. The Argonauts then captured the Harpies in a net, before trapping them in a wooden box.


The harpies in Greek Mythology had the torso of a woman, and the the body of a bird. However, Ray Harryhausen's Harpies were much more sinster, have two large bat like wings, and horned, demonic faces.

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