At an early age Ray Harryhausen began to create models of his own and developed an interest into dinosaurs,

A Dinosaur Animation by Ray Harryhausen in his Early Years

creating dinosaurs such as stegosaurus, which would fallow him throughout his career. After receiving

A Dinosaur Animation by Ray Harryhausen in his Early Years Added by Australopithecusman advice from Willis O'brien, Harryhausen went to art school, where he learned how to perfect his abilities in sculpting and drawing. Durring these colledge years, Harryhausen created numerous test footage with models he created.

Carnivorous DinosaursEdit

Small Carnivourous DinosaursEdit

Large Carnivorous DinosaursEdit

Early-Herbivorous DinosaursEdit

Sauropods (Long Necked Dinosaurs)Edit



Ankylosaurs and StegosaursEdit

Bird Like DinosaursEdit


Feathered DinosaursEdit


Unique TheropodsEdit


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