Tarbosaurus was a mongolian dinosaur that closely resembled T-rex. Some believe it may be the same dinosaur

A Tarbosaurus Illustration (pre 1970s)

. Tarbosaurus was a associate of the dinosaur family of tyrannosaurids, which flourished during the Late Cretaceous. It is sometimes built-in in the genus Tyrannosaurus.

Although many specimens of this genus have been establishing, little definite data is confirmed on the dinosaur as of 1986, though it was supposed to share many characteristics with other tyrannosaurids. During studies of the animal, the upper jaw proved attractive, as it possessed more than 20 extremely large, knife-shaped teeth. The skull in universal seems to have many similarities with its North American cousin, Tyrannosaurus rex, prompting many to put it in the Tyrannosaurus genus (the resulting designation would then be Tyrannosaurus bataar). The close similarities have also prompted some scientists to suggest a likely link between the North American and Eurasian continents at that time, perhaps in the form of a land bridge.

Only one species of Tarbosaurus, T. bataar, has been formally established.

Weight Not known, had lighter bones than Tyrannosaurus rex, thus probable less than 7 short tons (6 metric tons).

Gwangi may actually be a Tarbosaurus as the Allosaurus size in Valley of Gwangi was about 5 tons. and lives in a desert like a Tarbosaurus because Allosaurus dont actually live in a desert they live in forests or plains and they hunt in deserts if other dinosaurs were in a desert.