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Ammonite leaving trench in Myserious Island

Ammonite leaving trench

Underwater Trenches
Entrance to underwater trench in Myserious Island
Underwater trench entrance from Mysterious Island


Mysterious Island and probably It Came from Beneath the Sea


Trenches in the Pacific ocean,


Cephalopods (Giant Octopus and Ammonite

Underwater enches are comen throughout the Pacific Ocean. The Creatures like the Ammonite and the giant octopus from Mysterious Island  and It Came From Beneath the Sea probably lived in the Kurl, Japan, or the Marianas Trenches. Creatures like these have been proven to exsist in trenches like the giant Squid. The giant Ammonite and octopus could probably exsist sine the deep waters of the ocean rarly change.

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