T-Rex as depicted from the 40s-70s

Tyrannosaurus Rex (t-rex)

was a large theropod dinosaur that inhabited Western North America durring the Late Cretaceous. T-rex was popular in films from the 1940s to 1970s, before his new more accurate physical apperance in Jurrasic Park (1993).


After its discovery in Hell Creek, Montana (1902), t-rex's appearce was always changing as new theroys were being introduced. The most popular theroy durring the time was the t-rex stood upward with his tail dragging on the ground, like a kangaroo. By the 1970s scientists found this to be incorrect, but stuck with it until the 1990s. Then in early twenty first century, t-rex was thought to be covered in feathers, however being a non avian theropod, t-rex was thought to be more like a cold blooded reptile, rather than a bird. Also, unti recently t-rex was thought to have its nostrils higher on its snout, like that of an eagle. This form was even included in Jurrasic Park. Now t-rex has been proven to have its norstrils closer to its mouth, making it similar to the t-rex of stop-motion.


There is a debate on whether t-rex wa a scavenger or a pretador. After having the same lobes as vulutres, t-rex would be able to smell decaying flesh for miles away. However, did have the teeth and jaw to make itself an agressive pretator, wounding its prey until death.

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